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The Seduction

Author: Roh Morgon
Series: Monsters in  
                           the Machines

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: Short Story
Publication: December 23, 2011
Format: eBook


The first time Erica saw the black, low-slung sports car, she felt its sensual pull deep in her soul — but when she began succumbing to its whispered promises, she didn’t realize she might be losing more than her mind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Anyone who has ever had an emotional connection with a car will love this story. This is a story without dialogue because the above mentioned connection is personal and Morgon nails it. Lol… 75 mph crawl…”

— Mitch Inkley, writer

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Available  in eBook from Amazon (Kindle), Apple (iPad), Kobo (Kobo Reader) and Smashwords (multiple formats).